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Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor is one of the largest natural water reservoirs in South Asia. Because of its diverse natural and aquatic features, it has been declared as a Ramsar site by IUCN. The site wears different looks at different seasons to attract tourists from around the world. During the rainy season, the Haor becomes a sea with strong waves, and cruising across the Haor is a lifetime experience for the visitors. In wintergreen fields of miles after miles, hundreds of canals, thousands just of migratory birds, fishermen in the ditches are just fabulous for the tourists

How To Go

By using road/train/air from any places to Sylhet then By local transport to Destination. During the monsoon season, one can go directly to Tangua by engine boat or speed boat from the city's Saheb Bari boat ghat. It takes 5 hours on an engine boat and 2 hours on a speed boat. In that case, the cost of the engine boat is  2,000 / - to 2,500 / taka- whereas the cost of a speed boat is  6,500 / - to 6,000 / -. There is no provision for an overnight stay under private management but it can be located in the rest house of Tekerghat Limestone Mine Project 3 km northeast under government management. In summer, one has to cross Saheb Bari ferry ghat of the city and go to Sreepur Bazar / Dumper Bazaar in 2 hours by motorbike from the other side. Rent 200 takas. From there you can reach Tangua by rented boat. In that case, the cost of rent may be 300-400 / - taka.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal