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Panam City

Panam City, known as the lost city an archaeological site in Bangladesh situated at Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj District You will be astonished to know that the structures are older than around years. This is called the oldest capital of Bengal and the ancient silk road from the Bengal delta to China and Central Asia.

As the capital of the fifteenth-century Bengal ruler Isa Khan, and once an important trading and political center, Sonargaon boasts architecture of the Sultanate, Mughal, and colonial periods. The Sonargaon historic city, located near the present-day capital of Dhaka, includes several Mughal monuments—among them the Sonakanda River Fort, the Panch Pir Mazar Shrine, and Ibrahim's and Abdul Hamid's Mosque. British colonial architecture preserved in Sonargaon includes the Ananda Mohan Piddar House, and other street-front houses. For travelers making their way along the 2,500-kilometer Grand Trunk Road from Peshawar in the Hindu Kush, Sonargaon marked the end of the line. Threats to the site include flooding, vandalism, unauthorized occupation, illegal development, etc.


How To Go

By road with taxi/three/wheeler/bus from anywhere in Dhaka. From Dhaka, you have to go to Mograpara bus stand in Sonargaon by bus. The fare for bus service is 25-45 rupees. From Mograpara you can reach Panam city by rickshaw/autorickshaw for 10-20 rupees. However, if tourists wish, they can reach Panama by walking for 5 minutes by visiting the Sonargaon Folk and Handicraft Museum.


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