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Lalakhal is one of the spectacles of Sylhet that overwhelms visitors with its unique natural beauty. This is a wide canal flowing from the Meghalaya range of India and meeting Sharee River near Tamabil road. You will find blue and green water where the travelers can enjoy boat riding keeping wonderful scenic tea plantations on both sides. Only kilometers drive from the Sylhet city center will take you to Sharee and then hire a boat to reach Lalakhal.


How To Go

Sarighat is about 42 km away from the city on the Sylhet-Jaflong highway. From Sarighat, tourists usually go to Lalakhal by boat. The local motorboat takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach the source of the Sari River. The emerald green color of the river water and the shade of the hills on both sides fascinate the tourists. There is a Lalakhal tea garden near the source. From Sylhet city to Lalakhal, a micro carriage for 6-7 people can be rented for 3500-4000 takas.Micro freight carrying 9-12 people can be between 4500 - 5500 takas. Friday maybe a little more. It will cost about 1000-1500 takas to go to Lalakhal by local boat from Sarighat. And the rent of specialized boats at Nazimgarh Boat Station is up to Rs. 2000-5000. If you go to Lalakhal by car, the boat fare from Riverquin Restaurant for half an hour will be 500 rupees. Lunch is 400-500 rupees each.


Source:  Bangladesh National Portal