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Muktagacha Zamindar Bari

Mymensingh city is one of the old cities in Bangladesh. Historically & archaeologically it is very important from tourism points of view. Once a traveler wants to travel in this district, he/she will find several places to visit. Muktagacha Zamindar House is one of those.

This old palace is located at the heart of the Muktagacha Upazila, 16km west to the Sadar Upazila. Previously the name of Muktagacha was Binodbari . It is believed that the Zamindars actually came from the Natore or Bogra of our North Bengal. When the first ruler named Srikrishna Acharya arrived here, a local inhabitant named Muktaram Kormokar  welcomed them with a large lampstand that was made from brass. In that portion of our country, people call a lampstand as Gachha. This gratitude pleased the Zamindar and they have renamed the area as Muktagacha using that inhabitant’s name and the lamp stand’s local name.

However, this old house from Muktagacha covers a vast area, though most of the structures are in very poor condition. Few things were stolen by the locals, and others are just dilapidated for not taking any care. We observed two-storied iron & steel made the house (though floors are all gone, the only structure is standing there).

Most of the rulers from this family were cruel and hostile to the peasants. They have a lot of allegations against them including raping, torturing, etc. It was considered as a crime whenever a peasant from that area use to cross the Zamindar House using any shoe or umbrella. Guards use to beat them whenever someone committed such a crime.


How to go

From the town hall Mor of the Mymensingh city, you can take either CNG driven auto-rickshaw, or any local bus for Muktagachha. It may cost 30 Taka per person and required around half an hour to reach at Muktagacha. From Muktagacha, you can take a rickshaw to reach that Zamindar House.