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Shashi Lodge

Suryakanta Acharya Chowdhury, the successor of Muktagacha Zamindar dynasty built a luxurious two-storied palace named Shashi Lodge in the city of Mymensingh after the name of his adopted son Shoshikanta. This magnificent building was decorated with different types of fancy goods which were brought from different places in Paris and Europe. This original place was destructed by the massive earthquake in 1897 AD. Then this palace was rebuilt in one-storied between 1905 and 1911 by Shoshikanta. It is fairly a large area, occupying about nine acres of land, and approached through an imposing semi-circular arched gateway. There is a large grassy lawn with an ornamental marble fountain containing a beautiful classical statue in between the palace and the gateway. There is an old pond on the west side of the central building. There is a two-storied bathing pavilion made by marble stone situated in the middle of the pond from the north corner. On entering the palace through the central porch, there is a foyer that leads into a large hall with a timber floor, which was used originally as a ballroom. Elaborate glass chandeliers were hanged for lighting. The doors and windows were beautifully decorated with colorful glass. For its outstanding archaeological significance, the Department of Archaeology (DOA) declared the monument as a protected monument in 1989 AD.


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Rickshaws, autorickshaws can be added from Maskanda bus terminal or rickshaws, autorickshaws, tempos can be added from the bridge.