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Sheek Kabab

Sheek Kabab is a tempting food in Bangladesh. It is made with cubic pieces of beef or mutton. The cuisine is prepared with meat, and it is marinated the spices. Later it is put together with for melting in a Prod or Skewer. The process of marinating will inspire us to taste it. In every restaurant, you will find Sheek Kabab, and it is a very popular evening snack in Bangladesh. It is served with the Paratha, Lemon, Salads, and Mayonnaise. You will find it in every restaurant in the afternoon until dinner time. If you come to Bangladesh, you should also taste this item for getting special feelings about eating the Sheek Kabab.


Where Can We Get The Food

Sheek Kabar from old Dhaka is mostly famous. Also, Start Kabab restaurant offers different kinds of Kabab, There are a couple of branches of Star Kabar in Dhaka city. The most famous branch is located in Zigatola. Anyone can take a Taxi, CNG, or Rickshaw to reach Zigatola branch.