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Kachchi Biriyani

Kachchi Biriyani is very delicious and featured food as the main dish. It is served at the wedding or special party. It is made with special kinds of rice, meat, and potatoes. The named Kachchi comes for the cooking system. In general, the rice and meat are cooked with combination rather than cooking it separately. It is being served with the Salad and sometimes with the chutney. Though the use of Borhani is very common with the Kachchi – a special type of a yogurt drink. If you want to taste Bangladeshi food, you must try Kachchi Biriyani at least one time. Otherwise, you will miss the unique taste of the main Bangladeshi dishes.


Where Can We Get The Food

Kacchi biriyani can be found all over Bangladesh. but the Kacchi biriyani from old Dhaka is famous. Anyone can reach old Dhaka by road using Car, CNG, Rickshaw from anyplace of Dhaka