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Bhuna Khichuri

You can cook Bhuna Khichuri as Browning – a particular type of mixing items with rice and lentil. It is the upgraded version of the Bangla Khichuri. Bhuna is a similar meaning or braised. That means this is a slow-cooked food mixing everything together and giving it time to bowl. You can’t understand the taste before eating it. Honestly, it is very delicious and good for eating as the main dishes. In the Bhuna Khichuri, the meet including chicken, beef, or mutton (goat) is used with the food and cooked at a time. The Khichuri is served with the Salad, a small piece of onion or  Lemon. When you are visiting Bangladesh, you should take the taste of Bhuna Khichuri because it is one of the authentic items in Bangladesh after Kachchi Biriyani.


Where Can We Get The Food

Bhuna  Khichuri is famous all over Bangladesh and it can be found in almost all restaurants in Bangladesh, But some places from old Dhaka offer authentic Bhuna Khichuri. One of them is Shamser Alir Bhuna Khichuri. This place can be reached by Car, CNG, or Rickshaw from anywhere of Dhaka City. The place is located in Old Dhaka