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Durga Puja is the main religious and cultural festival for Hindus which is celebrated in Bangladesh with great enthusiasm, color festivity, and religious passion. Even if it is a Hindu religious festival, but over the ages, this has been shifted to a festival for all as people of all walks of life irrespective of religion participate and enjoy the celebration

It is one of the ancient religious festivals celebrated in different forms and different time throughout the Indian sub-continent but today's pattern and time of the festival in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India is believed to be introduced by Raja Kansa Narayan, Raja of Tahirpur in Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh during the reign of Emperor Akbar (1556-1605) The most attractive feature of the festivals is the display of various sculptures of the deities and the style of worshipping. It is a kaleidoscope art and sculpture and its ingredients are wet clay, inspiration, and faith. Dhakeshwar National Temple. Ramakrishna Mission Jagannath Hall is famous for the legacy of the most colorful celebration of Durga Puja festival.


How To Go

Durga Puja celebrated all over Bangladesh. In Dhaka Banani Puja mandap is the biggest one. beside Banani , Dhakeshwari mandir can be visited  from any place of Dhaka by Car, Bus, CNG