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Pahela Falgun

Say bye to winter and welcome the spring in typical Bangladeshi style and manner that would be a unique experience for you in Bangladesh. Be amazed to see how life happens here with such colors and festivities on the arrival of spring. Pohela Falgun is the first day of spring and eleventh month in the Bengali calendar that falls on 13 February just eve of the world Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the day various types of festivals take place all over the country. The blazing red and yellow are the representative colors of spring. Bengali People embellish themselves with these two Primary colors. The Slogan of this day is- “Esho Mili Praner Utshobe”  (Come mingle in the festival of Life). The Festival starts with traditional music and dance shows performed by the artists of Chayanat and Shishu Academy. People play with colorful Paints. Some fabricate their faces with Bengali Alpana.


How To Go

Pahela Falgun is celebrated all over Bangladesh. But in Ramna botomul , Pahela falgun is celebrated significantly. Anyone can reach there by Bus, Car, CNG or Rickshaw