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Balia Mosque

On the way from Thakurgaon district town to Boda upazila of Panchagarh, Chhota Balia Jame Mosque is located on the side of Bhulli-Panchpir Hat road, three kilometers east of Bhulli Hat.The mosque is located on a platform 5 feet 3 inches high from the ground level in a rectangular complex of 72 feet 6 inches in the east-west and 69 feet 2 inches in the north-south. The rectangular complex is divided into three sections with stairway, entrance, open courtyard and main building or prayer hall. The main building is 25 feet 11 inches wide on the east-west. The roof of the mosque is 18 feet high from the platform.The roof of the mosque has three domes and eight minarets of the same size. Of which four minarets at four corners are large and the remaining four are small. The entire mosque, including the foundation, is made of lime mortar and hand-baked bricks. Although there is no decoration in the bricks, bricks have been cut in different places on the walls of the mosque and designs like jugs, bells, dishes, bowls, amalki, padma etc. have been made.

How To Go

Only 16 km from Thakurgaon city. Located in the distance, this historic mosque is one of the tourist attractions for those who are thirsty for travel.