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Ranisongkoyel Zomidar Palace

Tankanath received the title of King from the British Government. The palace was built in the late nineteenth century. Many parts of the palace are now ruined. Lion gate on the west side of the palace. The S.N.E.W sign is inscribed on the iron bar as a direction indicator on the top of the door. Kacharibari in the north-east corner adjacent to Rajbari. Two ponds to the east. About two hundred meters south of Rajbari is the Ramchandra (Joykali) temple on the east side of the road on the banks of the river Kulik. This temple is older than the palace. The temple was damaged by the Pak army during the war of independence in 1971. Now it has turned into a complete ruin.


How To Go

From Thakurgaon, you can come to Ranisongkoyel bus stand by bus or CNG and come by van or motorbike to see the palace of Raja Tankanath located next to the old building of Bachore Union Parishad.