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Syamsundor Mondir

A three-storied temple still survives in the village of Sonabaria, eight kilometers west of the Upazila Sadar. Its name is 'Shyamsunder Mandir'. It is known from the brick slabs on the temple that it was built in 18 AD. And its creator is Hariram Das. This ancient temple is also known as 'Sonabaria Math'. It is a significant monument of an ancient tradition. The height of this three-story temple is 6 feet. The size of the temple is 33 feet-33 feet. Many visitors and pilgrims come here every day.

How To Go

Necessary information Approximate distance from the city is 45 kilometers. Name of the road. Satkhira-Jessore Road, Kalaroa-Sonabaria Road Spot cost. Tk. 60 is available for travel by bus, baby taxi rickshaw, van.