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Tetulia Jame Mosque

There are several places of interest in the Upazila. Especially the village of Tetulia in this Upazila is famous for many reasons. This village was the home of zamindar Ralamtullah Khan. Whose ruins are still there? Tetulia village is 3 km north of Sadar Upazila. Within 100 yards of this village, there are two historical mosques named 'Tentulia Shahi Mosque' and 'Tentulia Jame Mosque'. Zamindar Salamatullah Khan built this mosque in 1260 BS in the style of the Sindure Patti Mosque in Calcutta. The number of minarets of this six-domed mosque is 20. The towering minarets can be seen from afar.


How To Go

The approximate distance from the city is 25 kilometers. The name of the road is Tala-Paikgachha Road. The cost to reach the spot is 35 rupees. Buses, baby taxi rickshaws, vans are available for travel.