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Puthia Rajbari


Puthia Rajbari, located at Puthia Upazila in Rajshahi, is an Indo. European style two-story palace. The Palace was constructed in 1984 by Rani Hemanta Kumari in memory of her mother-in-law Maharani Sarat Sundori Devi. It is located 30 km from Rajshahi town. Besides the illustrious two-story Puthia Rajbari, there are 14 other recognized archaeological sites like Baro Shiva Mandir, Chotto Anik Temple. Boro Gobindo Temple, Chotto Gobindo Temple, Jagadhatri Temple, Keshta Khepar Math, and others in Puthia.


Initially, Puthia was a village of Laskarpur Pargana, named after Laskar Khan Nilamber, the brother of the first Zamindar of Puthia, who was the first to receive the title of Raja from Jahangir (1605-1627AD). A partition of the estate took place in 1744 and the zamindari was divided among 4 co shares among whom the panch ani (five annas) and char ani (four annas) co-shares become famous in conducting zamindari.


How To Go 

By using road/train/air from any places to Rajshahi then By local transport to Destination. Puthia is located 32 km north-east of Rajshahi district headquarters on the Natore highway. You can reach Puthia by bus from anywhere in the country and you can easily reach Natore or Rajshahi by train.


Source: Wikipedia