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Bagha Mosque

Bagha Mosque is a Mughal period mosque embellished with beautiful terracotta inscribed in wonderful architectural style. It's located at Bagha, 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi, the mosque was built on the western bank of a fairly large tank within a brick-walled compound of 48.77 square meters during of the Sultanate in Bengal. This is a historic place now widely explored by visitors.

It is situated at a distance of about 35 km south-east of Rajshahi city near the Upazila headquarter of Bagha, and is erected within a walled enclosure. There is a large tank or Dighi in front of the mosque compound. It is accessed through two arched gateways from north and south. The mosque was erected according to an inscription by the Husayn Shahi Sultan, Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah in 1523-24 A.D. It is built of bricks with stone plinth, lintels, and pillars. The interior is divided into two longitudinal aisles and ten bays of square compartments. The whole mosque is covered with ten domes. The mosque is entered by five doorways from the east with two screened openings each on the north and south sides. In the western wall, there are three mihrabs and a badsha-ka-takht or ladies gallery. The mosque is noted for its beautiful terracotta ornamentation both in and outside. The terracotta consists of both vegetal and floral motifs with occasional chain and bell motifs. The four octagonal corner towers are also decorated with terracotta and molded bands. A visitor can easily visit this nice monument from Rajshahi town by car, bus, or any vehicle.


How To Go

By using road/train/air from any places to Rajshahi then By local transport to Destination. By bus from Rajshahi Shiril bus stand.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal