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Baikka Beel

Baikka Beel, a sanctuary for birds and fish, is located in Sreemangal and Moulvibazar. It is a part of Hail Haor, The beel has an area of 1000 hectares and comprises of open water with emergent vegetation and a fringe of native swamp forest. Thousands of birds live here and thousands more migrate. You can watch birds throughout the year. When you enter the wetland area you will be engrossed by the chirping of birds. There is a watchtower at the center of the beel. The beel has a beautiful view with birds as well as lilies, lotuses, and other aquatic plants and flowers. There are 98 species of fish mostly local and 160 species of birds including migratory ones. Experienced people say Baikka Beel is the best place in the country for bird watching. The best place for a night stay is Sreemangal where there are plenty of hotel guest houses.


How To Go

Srimangal can be reached by train or bus from Dhaka. You can get off at Srimangal and take a CNG, autorickshaw, or microbus to reach Baikka Bill.

Source: Bangladesh National Portal