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Satla Beel

Satia Beel, the marshland, is like a sea of floating water lilies expanding as far as the eye can reach. This lasts for around five months, from June July to October November and draws visitors from all over. The 200 acres beel is in Uzirpur Upazila Halta and some 60 kilometers away from Barisal city. These aquatic flowers begin to conjure up a vibrant pink carpet on the lake from the last part of Autumn to the mid of Late Autumn. The scenic beauty of the beel with an expanse of waters, red lilies, the green patch of trees around the banks is heart touching A boat ride in the beel will be an unforgettable memory of life. Shuffler is cultivated here throughout the village.

Shuffler is cultivated in about 10,000 acres of wetlands of this village called Uttar Satla. 80% of the villagers are involved in water lily cultivation and marketing. From this village water lilies are supplied to different parts of the country. Satla is a village ideal for photographers.


How To Go

It is located at a distance of 60 km from Barisal Sadar Upazila. You can reach Barisal by launch from Dhaka and go to Satla-Bagdha village by Mahinda car. There is a direct bus service from Barisal Nathullabad bus stand to Satla-Bagdha village. It takes about 2 hours. There will be a lot of water lilies in this bill in November. Now some areas are starting to bloom. Shapla flowers bloom more when it gets a little cold.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal, Offroad Bangladesh