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Korapur Mia Bari Mosque

Karapur Mia Bari Mosque is one of the most ancient heritage structures found in Bangladesh built-in the Mughal period. The mosque is located at Mia Bari of Uttar Karapur village under Raipasha Karapur Union in Barishal Sadar Upazilla. It is believed that Hayat Mahmud, local Zamindar constructed the mosque was deported to Prince of Wales island after a revolt against British imperialist rulers. Karapur Mia Bari Mosque is one of the most beautiful structures of Barishal in terms of decorations.

How To Go

You can travel to the Barisal district by road as well. Several buses drive from the Gabtoli bus stand every hour to Barisal. Most of the buses go to Barisal by crossing Paturiya Ghat, but some of the bus services may also go by passing through Mawa Ghat.

The mosque is located at the Uttar Korapur village. It will be better if you hire a battery-driven vehicle from Barisal town. And the easiest road will be the Nobogram Road from Barisal town. So, ask your driver to use that road. GPS coordinate of the mosque is. And try to plot it on your map. You’ll get the easiest direction there.