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Qasba Mosque

Among the prominent mosque that takes Barishal to a different level in terms of architectural heritage, Qasba Mosque is one of them. It is located at Qasba village in Gournadi Upazila of Barishal district. It is a few meters away from the Barishal Faridpur highway.

According to local tradition, it was built by Sabhi Khan in the early 16th century. It is almost the exact replica of the Nine Dome Mosque built by Khan Jahan Ali in Bagerhat and Masjidkur Mosque in Khulna. Though still in use, the mosque is a protected monument by the Department of Archaeology. The mosque measures 11.68×11.68 meters and the walls are 2.18 meters wide. There are three archways on the east side while there is one arch on each side of the north and south. The arches are decorated with terracotta paintings. It has four stone pillars inside.


How To Go

Barisal can be reached Car, Bus, or by Launch. From there you can get off at the Turkish port bus stand on foot or by rickshaw.