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If you want to touch the clouds, you will have to go to Nilgiri, Bandarban. At Nilgiri, the cloud will come to you, even you can catch it with your hands. On the above, the blue sky, and the white cloud are playing in the mountain of Nilgiri. It is a place of spectacular beauty. Due to Nilgiri, Bandarban is called Darjeeling of Bangladesh. For those who love adventure, the best night in your life may be the Nilgiri. On the way to Nilgiri, you can see the beauty of Bandarban.

Nilgiri is a place with the combination of the tallest peak, the tribal village with a vibrant culture and colorful lifestyle of the villagers, and the spectacular natural beauty. This place gives the visitors a feel like floating in the kingdom of clouds. The Nilgiri resort is a popular resort where you can stay Overnight. Travel to Nilgiri through zigzag hilly roads amidst green and blue landscape is a lifetime experience.


How To Go

If you want to go to Nilgiri from any part of the country, you have to come to Bandarban first. From Bandarban to Nilgiri, you can go by Jeep, Chander Gari, Mahendra, CNG, or by local bus. The best way is to get a reserve car. It will help you to explore some of the surrounding areas of Nilgiri and Bandarban. If you want to come back within the day, you have to pick up the car from Bandarban Jeep Station. According to different cars, it may cost you BDT 3000 to 5000. In a Chander Gari, you may go 12 – 14 people, with the Landcruizer type jeep, you may go 7 to 8 people, with the Small jeep you may go to 4 to 5 people and with CNG you may go 2 to 3 persons.

On the way to Nilgiri, due to security concerns, the name and addresses of the tourists need to be recorded on the army checkpoint. For this reason, there is no other way or not allowed to go to Nilgiri after 5 PM. So keep the eye on the time before travel. For traveling to the Nilgiri, as a tourist, you will need tickets with BDT 50 per person and BDT 300 for parking the car.