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Jadipai Waterfall or Jadipai Jhorna is one of the widest waterfalls in Bangladesh situated in Ramu Upazila of Bandarban District; it is a great place to travel where you can enjoy the wild beauty of water, hills, and forest. The best time to visit is the rainy season when the flow of Jadipai fall becomes robust with added water. The walking path to the spot is tricky at some points. The way is thoroughly zigzag and some places slender. Along these lines, the traveler will pass the "Passing Para" and "Jadi Para". The last 30 minutes of this journey is truly risky. After all, when the travelers reach Jadipai Falls he will overlook all the anguish on the grounds that the natural magnificence of Jadipai waterfall is truly stunning and surprising.

How To Go

Travel from Bandarban to Ruma: You have to make a trip from Bandarban to Ruma Upazilla by “ChanderGari” (public jeep) or a private vehicle.

Travel from Ruma to Boga lake: From Ruma Bazar, you should hire a public jeep (Chander Gari) up to Boga lake and it may take Tk. 2000-2500. Before going to Bogalake you have to register your name, contact address, and other details in the respective security or Army camp, you will require a guide to reach Jadipai Jhorna. For the first day, the guide will charge 600/- Taka (BDT) and for the second day onwards the guide will charge 500/- Taka (BDT) per day. You should consult with the guide before going to Jadipai.

You will reach Boga lake in the following evening. So you need to pass the night there. There are many tribal villages in the Boga lake area. You can stay at night, take dinner from here and guide will help you to find a good place.