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Shuvo Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a Hindu religious festival held in observance of the birthday of Krishna, who is traditionally believed to have been born on Ashtami Tith (eighth day) of the moonless fortnight of Bhadra. Thus the day is known as Janmastami.

The festival is held in the capital city of Dhaka and all over the country. The most exciting feature of the celebration is the long procession of the devotees parading the roads with colorful presentations on the events of Lord Krishna.

*Depends on the sight of the Moon


How To Go

Janmashtami celebrated all over Bangladesh among the Hindu religious festival. Also, Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parisad and Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee arrange a two-day program at the Dhakeshwari National Temple. Dhakeshwari National Temple can be reached bu Car, CNG from all over Dhaka