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Hason Festival

Dewan Hason Raja is the great mystic songwriter and folk poet of Bangladesh.

He is honored as one of the greatest Bauls also who Introduced a typical mysticism in his works by which is also called a philosopher. This great philosopher was born in 21 December 1854 at Sunamganj district and died on 6 December 1922.

In addition, to visit the event, the visitors may experience the wonderful scenic beauty of famous Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj -one of the Ramsar sites of the world which is full of rich and diverse species of aquatic resources. Tourists who visit Sunamganj to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature can also take an opportunity to join this festival.


How to go

It is located only 5 minutes' walking distance away from the city center traffic point. After reaching Sunamganj Sadar, you can take a rickshaw to reach that museum. You can reach Sunamganj only by road. There is no direct rail, air, or water transportation system available.