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Jabbarer Boli Khela

Boli Khela is the most popular festival of folk wrestling in Chattogram the commercial capital of Bangladesh. This is one of the ancient folk games or the country believed to have started during the Mughal period. But the present-day Boli Khela was introduced in 1909 by a person named Abdul Jabbar Saudagar.

Since it is known as Jobbarer Boli Khela held annually in the month of April with great fanfare and festivity. A three day fair is held on the occasion of the festival which exhibits arrays of local products and souvenirs. It is a must-see event in Chattogram, so don't miss to add it to your travel calendar in the Bangla New Year.


How To Go

Anderkilla. chattogram can be reached anywhere in the country by Air, By Road, or train. The location of the event is close to the train station and Jamal khan bus stop. People can take a Car, three-wheelers to reach there.