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Kathin Chivar Dan is the biggest religious festival of the Buddhist community in the Chattogram Hill Tract-the the south-eastern part of the country which is also famous for wonderful scenic beauty, colorful indigenous communities, lakes, streams, rich vegetation, hiking, trekking opportunities and so on.
So visiting the celebration will offer you a wide ranges of experience. The ceremony is performed for a month following Probarona Purnima until Kartik Purnima generally in the last week of November. The great attraction of the ceremony is offering Chivar (robs) to the monks. The ceremony is called kathin (difficult) because the entire process of making chivar-twisting yarn, weaving, cutting the cloth, sewing, dyeing, washing and drying as well as distributing it among the monks has to be completed within 24 hours, from one sunrise
to the next

How To Go

Rangamati can be reached by road from all over the country. Also, anyone can take a train or plane to Chottogram and then from Chottogram they can take bus service to Rangamati