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Mango Festival

Bangladesh is popularly known as the land of the sweetest mango in the world. Because of worldwide distribution and export, you will certainly find them in your retail store around The area which is famous for mango cultivation in Bangladesh is Rajshahi, Chapa Nawabganj, Rangpur and Dinajpur. Visitors from home and abroad visit the mango orchards and taste the fresh mango in a festive way. As Rajshahi is also famous for silk so a festival is held there on Mango and Silk every year in monsoon in the third week of June It is a wonderful occasion for the visitors to relish the taste of fresh mango the hustling bustling of traditional mango markets and buy the clothes and souvenir made of world-famous silk of Rajshahi. So order our monsoon package to travel to Bangladesh and find the wonderful greenish landscape. vibrant rivers, lakes &  wetlands, and traditional fishing of the people. All of these will discover an unexplored monsoon beauty of Bangladesh

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How To Go

Rajshahi / Chapai Nawabganj can be reached from anywhere in Bangladesh by road  and there is train service available for Rajshahi