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Michael Madhusudan Dutta is famous for his Sonnet that is "Kopotakkho Nod". He is said to be the founder of Sonnet in Bengali literature. He is also famous for the tragic epic "Meghnad Badh" Kabya

Madhu Mela is such a festival held annually to celebrate the birth anniversary of the great Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. This is a weeklong traditional festival held on 25 January on the bank of river Kopotakkho at Sagardari village under the district of Jashore the birthplace of the poet.


How To Go

By road: Crossing Jessore on Dhaka-Khulna National Highway from Rajar Hat to Satkhira Road, about 36 km Keshabpur Upazila Parishad. About 18 km Keshabpur to Sagardari from the council is the ancestral birthplace of the great poet Michael Madhusudhan Dutt.