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Noborotno Mondir

The Noboratna style of temple architecture incorporates two main levels, each with four spired corner pavilions, and a central pavilion above, for a total of nine spires. The style arose in Bengal during the eighteenth century as an elaboration of the pancharatna style that had five pavilions (four at the corners and one above).

Many other temples are located close to it. During the reign of Nawab Murshid Khan(1704-1720) estimated a guy named Nayeb Dewan Ramnath Vaduri built it. The main temple is three-storied. It is said that during the construction of the temple each brick was fried with ghee. This temple was taken by the Archaeology department of Government for reformation.

How to go

After reaching Sirajganj you may use a bus or CNG auto-rickshaw to reach there. Sirajganj is approximately 127 km away from Dhaka. Jamuna Bridge, the largest bridge in Bangladesh is situated here. Through this bridge, it is connected to Dhaka the capital, and the eastern part of the country with both road and railways. It is a river port also. Besides, it has a well-developed connection with northern and southern Bangladesh also.