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Dhanuka Manasa Bari

Dhanuka Manasa Bari, under Shariatpur Sadar Upazila home. It is located in the south of Shariatpur town There are is an old heritage
building inside the boundaries of Manasa Ban. These buildings were used as Durga temple, Manasa temple Kali temple, Nabatakhana, and educational institution. But some portion is destroyed Some are standing as a witness of time Manasa home was known earlier as the home of the Mayurvat. A Sanskrit toll rose in the fifteenth century Medieval female poet Jayanti or Bijayanti studied in this toll. Many books of toll are still preserved in the Shariatpur Public library. Many students came from far and near. Here they were well-treated and got ample accommodation facilities


How To Go

From Sharipur Sadar you can go to Manasa Bari by rickshaw. Rent 10-20 taka.