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Itakumari Jomidar Bari

In 1883, the historical tenant revolt of Rangpur took place from the house of Itakumari king Shiva Chandra. Raja Shiva Chandra, the witness of the times, is the founder of this zamindar house. In 1883, anti-British Shiva Chandra and Devi Chowdhurani led a tenant revolt and protected the peasantry of Rangpur from the tyranny of Devi Singh. Itakumari Zamindarbari was the second new island of undivided Bengal at that time. Itakumari's reputation as a beacon of education and culture spread all over India. There is a famous college named after Raj Shiva Chandra. There are also zamindar houses, temples, giant ponds, and other archeological monuments.

How To Go

You can take a rickshaw or auto rickshaw (Battery Driven Rickshaw) to visit this place from Rangpur.