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If you are looking for a waterfall surrounded by high heels and the divine natural beauty, the Shuvolong waterfall will be your destination. This magnificent waterfall invites you to take a look at its charming beauty and to tell a few words in praising it. It is situated in the Rangamati district and can be reached only by boat. The fall is full of beauty during the rains. Shuvolong Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Rangamati. The only available path to reach the waterfall is through the lake. People visit there by boat. It is a famous place with tourists for the waterfall, high hills, and the nature surrounding it offers. This waterfall is just before the Shubholong Bazar. So that Shuvolong is easily accessible by speed boat or motor boats from Rangamati.


How To Go

Subalang can be easily reached by speed boats and boats from different places of Rangamati Reserve Market, Tourist Ghat, and Rangamati town. The rent is Rs. 1200-1500 / - per hour for speed boat and Rs. 500-600 / - for domestic boat.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal, Offroad Bangladesh