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Varendra Research Museum

Varendra Research Museum is a popular visitor attraction located at the heart of Rajshahi city and maintained by Rajshahi University. It is considered the oldest and first established museum in East Bengal in 1910. The Rajahs of Rajshahi and Natore, notably prince Sharat Kumar Roy, donated their personal collections to Varendra Museum. The museum houses a rich collection of ancient artifacts and antiquities.


The Varendra Research Society and Museum were set up at Rajshahi in 1910. It is the premier institution of its kind and the splendid accomplishment of its organization in Bangladesh. The role of the society concerning the museum was that of proprietor and caretaker. However, this was formally inaugurated on 27 September 1910 and was registered in 1914 in accordance with the Indian Society Act, 1860.

Varendra Museum was the first museum to be established in erstwhile East Bengal in 1910. It started as the collection for Varendra Anushandhan Samiti or Varendra Investigation Society and got its current name in 1919. The Rajahs of Rajshahi and Natore (notably Prince Sharat Kumar Ray) donated their personal collections to Varendra Museum. Varendra refers to an ancient Janapada that roughly corresponding to modern northern Bangladesh.

Excavation at Sompur Bihara was started by the society along with the University of Calcutta in 1923. In 1964, the museum became a part of Rajshahi University.

How To Go 

By using road/train/air from any places to Rajshahi then By local transport to Destination. About 600 meters west of Rajshahi Zero Point, go north by rickshaw, auto.


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