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Fatrar Char

Fatrar Char or Fatrar Bon is a nice tourist place near Kuakata beach. It is a part of the Sundarban mangrove forest Renamed recently as Tengra Giri Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a fairly big forest with many timber trees, wild birds, monkeys, rabbits, deer, and some other animals. You can enter the forest by motorboat and travel through the big canal with half-merged trees on two sides. You can also walk through the forest to see special trees.

Fatrar Chor is the part of the Sundarban forest. Fatrar Char is also known as Fatrar Bon. As the Fatrar Char is the part of Sundarban so it is a mangrove forest. Fatrar Bon is a fairly big forest in Kuakata. There are many Timber trees available here. The tree in this forest is very hard and strong. And the wood of these trees is very long-lasting and also costly. A wood business is started at that place and these woods are supplied all over the country.


How To Go

From Kuakata beach, you need to rent an engine boat. It is an estimated 1-hour journey from Kuakata beach to Fatrar Ban on foot or a 10 minutes ride by tour guide’s motorcycle.


Source: Offroad Bangladesh