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Mirzapur Shahi Mosque

Mirzapur Shahi Mosque is located at Mirzapur village in Mirzapur union under Atwari upazilla. The artifice of Mirzapur shahi mosque is similar to the mosque situated on the premises of Dhaka High Court which was probably made in the year of 1679. For this reason, it is thought out that the Mirzapur Shahi mosque was built in the contemporary period of the Dhaka high court mosque. It is well known that the construction work of this mosque was completed by a person named Dost Mohammad. There is a written slab on the above of the middle door which bears the period of establishment. From the language and letter, it is supposed to build during the rule of Mughal king Shah Alam. Terracotta flowers and clay leaves were inscribed in the wall of this mosque. The magnificent character of the frontward rectangular terracotta design is that each is different from another. The length of this mosque is 40 feet and the width is 25 feet and there are three domes in a row. The architecture and crafts of this mosque highly attract visitors.


How To Go

Both AC and Non AC buses are available from Dhaka to Panchagarh. There is a direct bus service from Panchagarh to Atwari upazilla. This bus will let you get down in Mirzapur Bazar. You will find the mosque 200 yards east from Mirzapur Bazar. It will not take more than 20 minutes for you to reach at Mirzapur by car.