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Balapur Jomidar Bari

Balapur Zamindar house is a historical Zamindar house in Narsingdi Sadar Upazila. Jaminder Nabinchandra Saha was the founder of the Balapur Jaminder house. But it is not known exactly when the Jaminder house was established. The Jaminder house was built on about 320 bighas of land. A single-story building, a double-storey building and a three-storey building were built here which are still standing. In 1947, when India partitioned, they willed their real estate in the name of a temple and left this country and went to Kolkata of India.

How To Go

It’s a easy going track from Madhabdi bus stop. Once you are there at the bus stand then you will find several options in your hand to reach at the Balapur Village. You may ride on a shared CNG auto rickshaw or Rickshaw to reach at Balapur Bazar via Balapur-Meghna bazar road.