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Sultan Complex

Why the collection of the memory of world-renowned painter SM Sultan in the Sultan Complex has been rebuilt. The location of this complex is in a beautiful environment in Machimdia area of ​​Narail city on the banks of Chitra river. The complex, which covers an area of ​​about 26 acres, is home to a variety of rare species of trees. Painter SM Sultan is buried between Pakhidaka river and Sabuj. In front of the mausoleum is a small part of the original residence of the Sultan.Behind it is a two-story modern photo gallery that preserves the paintings and utensils of the Sultan. The gallery is open every day to see all the rare paintings of the Sultan. Wrapped in red ceramic, the complex is quiet, secluded and all the wonderful paintings have enhanced the status of the Sultan Complex. The Sultan built a barge on the river "Children's Paradise" to teach children to draw. The children's paradise created by the artist has been preserved on the banks of the Chitrandi next to the complex.

How To Go

Narail Sadar is crossed by Aricha ferry by road from Dhaka.