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Hilsa/Ilish Curry

The national fish of Bangladesh is Hilsa (Ilish), and it is cooked with the spices and with the curry. The fish is found everywhere in Bangladesh. Important to realize, nearly 60% of Ilish is found in Bangladesh. This is very tasty and can be found all over the world. It is very affordable. The “Shorshe Illish” is very popular and delicious as well. The dish is made with mustard oil or seed. The fish is mainly got Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna delta. But the illish of Padma is more popular in Bangladesh. It is called that you can cook Ilish near about 50 ways. Really, you can use Hilsa in any type of curry including eggplant. You can cook it with smoked, fried, steamed, or baked. Another key point, you can prepare every part of Ilish including egg, head, or any other part. If you miss Ilish in Bangladesh, you will miss a great taste. You will find Ilish in any Restaurant in Bangladesh.


Where Can We Get The Food

Hilsa is found mainly in the Chandpur, Barishal Divison, and Chittagong division in Bangladesh. But Hilsha from most Chandpur is famous. Anyone can visit Chandpur by road from Dhaka or by Launch. Also, another place near Dhaka where Hilsha is available is Mawa feri ghat. Bus service is available from Gulistan to mawa ghat. Also, anyone can take a car and reach there.