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Idrakpur Fort

Mir Jumla, the commander of Bengal, built this fort in the place called idrakpur, presently Munshiganj Sadar, on the western side of the ichamati river in 1660 AD. The fort is slightly smaller in size than Hajiganj and Sonakanda fort of Narayanganj). This 82m x 72m long fort was built with rectangular brick This fort was built to protect the whole area including Dhaka and Narayanganj from the then Mag pirate and Portuguese invasion. The location of the Ichhamati, Dhaleshwari, Meghna, and Shitalakha rivers are within three kilometers of the fort, Idrakpur fort was declared as a unique monument of Mughal architecture in 1909.


How To Go

Adjacent to the old court office near Munshiganj Sadar. Muktarpur can be reached from Dhaka's Gulistan by "Dhaka Transport" or "Dighirpar Transport". From Muktarpur you can go to Idrakpur fort by auto-rickshaw at 10 rupees (per person) or by rickshaw at 20-25 taka.