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Hum Hum Waterfall

If you are an adventure lover, Hum Hum waterfall is eagerly waiting to welcome you. To reach there you need to trek all the way through the Razkandi forest which is full of excitements and thrills. Sometimes you will hear the sounds of wild animals in the forest. Hum Hum Waterfall is situated in Razkandi reserve forest in Moulvibazar District. It was discovered in 2009. It is actually a place where you can find the real taste of adventure. The height of the fall is about 135-160 feet. It would be best to travel to this place in the rainy season to discover the unlimited beauty of the fall. It is a matter of wonder that most of the Bangladeshi people do not even know about the fall. You can go throw a bus or train from Dhaka to Sreemangal. You can find some hotels there. The next step is to go kolabagan bosti. Forgoing to kolabagan bosti, you need to hire a jeep.


How To Go

No matter which way you go by bus, train, or plane, first you have to get off at Moulvibazar or Srimangal station. From there you have to go to Kamalganj. Those who wish to visit this place have to hire a vehicle from Kamalganj or Srimangal town by 6 am. Then you can reach Kalabanpara in Champara tea garden between 7.30 am and 8 am. It takes about 5 hours to travel from Kalabanpara to Hamham Falls. There are CNG and jeeps from Srimangal to Lauyachhara. There are also local buses from the local Bhanugachha bus stand to Lauyachhara. You can reach Kalabanpara after walking for an hour along a winding mountain path and a bridge made of wooden logs adjoining the village of Lauyachhara forest. It is also 24 km away from Kamalganj municipality junction to Kalaban. Of these 24 kilometers, 14 kilometers are paved roads up to Kurma and the rest of the roads are unpaved. Walking road from Kalabanpara. At the end of the 7 km long mountain path, you will see the Hamham waterfall.