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Muharram at Prithimpasha

Prithimpasha Jamindar Bari – a feudal palace under Kulaura Upazilla in Moulvibazar – has a rich legacy of nearly 200 years. The huge tarn in front of the palace, aesthetic works on its walls, and eye-catching visuals on the mosque allure tourists with an interest in history and culture. As the feudal lords belonged to the Shiite Muslim sect, Ashura has long been celebrated gleefully in this palace. The current successors of the feudal lords still follow this tradition by organizing a cultural fair in front of the palace during the first 10 days of the lunar month of Muharram every year. Besides worshipping and singing spiritual songs, devotees recite marsiya, a melancholic poem written to commemorate the martyrdom and valor of Hussain ibn Ali – grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – and his comrades in Karbala, Iraq in 680 AD. The ten-day program culminates in the tazia or mourning procession on 10th Muharram. Not only does the Muharram festival attract Shiite devotees to Prithimpasha, but large numbers of people from home and abroad also visit the place around that time of the year.


How To Go

MouluviBazar can be reached by train via sreemangal . From sreemangal railway station, anyone can take a Jeep or CNG to reach the Prithimpasha Jamindar Bari. Also, Prithimpasha Jamindar Bari can be reached by road from all over the country.