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Baliati Zamindar Bari

Baliati Zamindar Bari is located at the village of Baliati, in Saturia Upazila of Manikganj District. The palace is situated on a lush and sprawling premise, approximately 16,000 square meters. Backside of the palace has a pond having four ghats. It is one of the finest specimens of the 19-century monuments of the renaissance colonial style in Bangladesh. The founder of the Baliati Zamindar was one Govinda Ram Shaha, who was a big salt merchant, built the Complex (Bari). This remarkable complex has been accused by the Bangladesh Archeological Department in 1987 and has been given a new name "Baliati Palace" as protected cultural property.

The contribution of the zamindars of Baliati in the history of antiquities of Manikganj district is noteworthy. The zamindars of Baliati have left a legacy of more than a hundred years from the first half of the nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century which has especially enriched the antiquities of the district. The name of Baliati spread in the country and abroad through Vrindavan Chandra Roy Chowdhury and Jagannath Roy Chowdhury, the two sons of Nityananda Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar of Pathan Bari.


How To Go

You can go by bus from Manikganj by road. The distance from Manikganj is 16 km. Bus fare 15 / - taka. There is no overnight stay.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal