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Gorar Mosque

The early mosque is a unique example of Islamic tradition. There is a pond to the east of the mosque. There was a paved ghat to go from the mosque to the pond. The presence of broken bricks and the marks of bricks buried in places prove it. The one-domed mosque with verandah is square in shape. This mosque was in the best condition among the mosques located. A tomb was found next to the mosque. Many people think that it is the shrine of a saint named Gorai. According to his name, this mosque is called Gorar (Gorai) Mosque.

The outer walls of the mosque are beautifully decorated with terracotta carvings. The mosque is an eye-catching and unique example of Muslim architecture. It was probably built by Hussain Shah or his son Nasrat Shah.


How To Go

About 25 km to Jhenaidah-Jessore of Kaliganj upazila is located in Belat Daulatpur mouza of Barobazar union.