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Satair Shahi Jame Mosque

About 600 years ago, Ala-ud-din Hussain Shah was the king. At that time many Aoliyas lived in this village of Satair. Among them was Alauddin Hussain Shah, a disciple of Hazrat Shah Sufi Shaykh Shah Chaturi (R). This historic mosque was built at that time. The historic Grand Trunk Road or Sher Shah Road is right next to the Satair Mahi Mosque. Some people think that Satair Shah Mosque is a relic of Sher Shah's time.

How To Go

How to get to Satair Shahi Jame Mosque: Majhakandi by road from Faridpur. The mosque is located at Satair (along the highway) on the Majhkandi-Gopalganj highway.