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Liberation War Museum

Liberation War Museum is situated at Agargaon in the Dhakal city. It contains the rare collection of objects artifacts documents of 1971. Visit this museum will help you to learn the history of a nine-month-long Liberation War that followed the independence of Bangladesh.


The Liberation War Museum began under the initiative of an eight-person board of trustees as a means of preserving the memory of the 1971 Liberation War. The trustees sought donations from the general public to fund the museum and for the general public to come forward with artifacts to be displayed artifacts from the war, including personal belongings, weapons, and human remains, as well as creating an archive of documents and personal histories related to the war. Over the years the museum collected more than 21,000 artifacts (as of 2016), with some as exhibits on display in the museum and many more stored in its archives. The museum describes itself as "the outcome of a citizens' effort"due to the crowd-funded nature of the museum (which is independent of the Govt. of Bangladesh) and the collective contribution of the general public to the museum's collection.


Due to a lack of space, it was only possible to display a fraction of the collected artifacts at the original premises, so it was decided that a bigger, more modern premises were required. In 2009, an architectural contest was held for the new design of the museum, with architects Tanzim Hasan Salim and Naheed Farzana winning the first prize for their designs. In 2013 land was acquired in Agargaon for the new building and construction began. The new premises of the Liberation War Museum were officially opened on 16 April 2017. The new building provided much more space with 3500 square meters of gallery space.

How To Go

By road with taxi/ three-wheeler/bus from anywhere in Dhaka.


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