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Cox’s Bazar

Cox's Bazar is a city, fishing port, tourism center, and district headquarters in southeastern Bangladesh. It is famous mostly for its long natural sandy beach, and it is infamous for the largest refugee camp in the world. It is located 150 km (93 mi) south of the divisional headquarter city of Chittagong. Cox's Bazar is also known by the name Panowa, which translates literally as "yellow flower". Another old name was "Palongkee".

The modern Cox's Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company, a Superintendent of Palongkee outpost. To commemorate his role in refugee rehabilitation work, a market was established and named after him.

Cox’s Bazar, 'Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas and Buddhist temples, the tribes with their environmental wisdom and spirituality and delicious seafood are some wonderful aspects of Cox’s Bazaar, the longest unbroken sandy beach and tourist capital of Bangladesh. There are exciting opportunities to enjoy surfing, jogging, and other beach activities. Near the beachfront, there are hundreds of shops selling souvenirs and beach accessories. You can see hills, green valleys, and the sea all at once. Five Star and economy hotels are available.

The municipality covers an area of 6.85 km2 (2.64 sq mi) with 27 mahallas and 9 wards and as of 2012 had a population of 51,918

How To Go

Cox's Bazar is connected by road and air with Chittagong. You can take a private car to Cox’s Bazar from any place in the country