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Carew & Co (Bangladesh) Ltd

Carew and Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. were established under a private entrepreneur in 1938. At that time a sugar factory, a distillery unit, and a drug factory started under it. After independence, the Government of Bangladesh declared this institute as a state-owned institute. This large scale industrial complex comprises a sugar mill, distillery water, commercial farm, and organic fertilizer. The land area of this is 3572 acre, whose 2450 acre is agricultural land. Here the main product is a sugar produced from sugarcane. But after producing sugar from sugarcane a by-product is found from which various products are produced. Among the produced goods from by-products, domestic and foreign wine, vinegar, spirit, and organic fertilizer are noteworthy. Here 'Foreign liquor' or 'Foreign Wine' of nine brands of best quality is produced.


How To Go

1. From Chuadanga city you can go to Darshana bus stand by bus / CNG.

2. From Chuadanga station you can take a train to Darshana station then walk / van to Darshana bus stand. From the bus stand, you can go to Darshan Keru & Co. by auto/van / bird van. Which falls on the right side of the road.