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Baishabi Festival

For the Chakma, the first day's celebration starts with Phool Biju. On this day, they get up early, clean their houses, and decorate them with flowers. They also drop flowers in rivers, canals, and springs to seek blessings of God for peace and prosperity.and the evening, they go to Buddhist temples and light candles. Mulbiju, the last day of the Bangla month of Chaitra. On this day, they prepare a special food item popularly known as “pajon”. It is cooked with different items collected from the forest. The last day of the festival is known as Goijja Pojjya Din. On this day, people take rest and go to monasteries nearby to pray for happiness in the next year. During the festival, different cultural programs, including Chakma dance, Marma Chata Nach, Jolkeli, and Tripura Goraiya dance, are performed to highlight the indigenous people's distinctive cultural heritage.


How To Go

This festival mainly celebrate in the /hill tracks of Chattogram. Chittagong can be reached by road, train, and air from Dhaka. From there tourists can take car or bus to different hill tracks locations.