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Bibichini Shahi Mosque

Bibichini village is located about 10 kilometers north from the regional Barguna-Betagi highway. Bibichini Shahi Mosque is located at the top of a hillock and surrounded by trees and plants. This mosque was built during the Mughal empire and as such the structure reflects the tradition and signs -those of other infrastructures that were constructed during that period. This mosque area is a memorable place. It is one of the recognized historical and traditional tourist places located in Barguna. This mosque is recognized as the center point from where the religion, Islam, spread in the southern part of the country.

The mosque built in the seventeenth century has a length and width of 33 feet and the walls are 6 feet wide. There are 3 doors each the north and on the south side. These were originally constructed to serve as vaults. The bricks of the mosque are different from the ones used today. The bricks are 12-inch long. 10-inch wide and 2-inch high. It is believed that Hazrat Shah Neyamat Ullah (RA) came to this area from Persia to spread the message of Islam and constructed the mosque on 30 feet high hillock in 1659. There are three graves beside the mosque. According to a source, Hazrat Niyamat Ali (RA:) passed away in 1700 during the state time of Emperor Aurangzeb. It is to be mentioned that the mosque has been repaired by Archeology Department


How To Go

From any district of Dhaka / country, launch or bus will have to get off at Barguna district bus stand. From the bus stand, you have to go to Betagi Upazila by bus/motorcycle. You can come to Bibichini Union by motorbike 10 km away from Betagi Upazila Sadar of Barguna district and come to Bibi Chini Mosque by rickshaw.