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Natore Rajbari

Natore Rajbari (also known as Pagla Raja\'s Palace, Natore Palace) was a prominent royal palace in Natore, Bangladesh. It was the residence and seat of the Rajshahi Raj family of zamindars. The famous queen Rani Bhabani lived here and after the death of her husband, expanded both the estate and the palace.


In the mid-seventeenth century, one Kamadev Maitra served as tehsildar to the Puthia Raj family. Kamadevs second son Raghunandan was selected by the Raja to be his agent at the court of Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the overlord of all Bengal. When the Nawab moved his court from Dhaka to what became known as Murshidabad he took Raghunandan with him and appointed him his Dewan or minister. The Nawab proceeded to confiscate the estates of zamindars who failed to conform to his new regulations, and a number of such estates were acquired by Ramjivan, the elder brother of his Dewan Raghunandan. In due course, Ramjivan was given the title of Raja and set up his headquarters in Natore. His estate was generally referred to as the Rajshahi Zamindari

How To Go

Rickshaws or auto rickshaws can be added directly from anywhere in the city of Natore. Rickshaw fare to Rajbari from Madrasa junction of the city is 20 taka.

It is better not to reserve rickshaws or auto rickshaws for travel. Because all the places in the city of Natore have enough local vehicles.


Source: Bangladesh National Portal